Thursday, April 19, 2012

Black & White Movement Statement on the Resignation of COMELEC Commissioner Augusto Lagman

The Black and White Movement is saddened by the sudden and unexpected resignation of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Commissioner Augusto “Gus” Lagman.

At a time when the COMELEC should be diligently preparing for, and making crucial decisions on, the automation of the 2013 Mid-Term elections, the resignation of Commissioner Lagman puts not just the automation but the credibility of the 2013 Mid-Term elections in jeopardy.

Commissioner Lagman has extensive experience and inarguable competence in both electoral processes and Information Technology - a rare combination, with more than enough expertise to guarantee the success of an automated election.

We lament the circumstances that surround his resignation. It is bad enough that the mere threat of rejection by the Commission on Appointments can compel a Presidential appointee to resign. It is worse when the Commission on Appointments would consider rejecting a highly competent man with unquestionable integrity. It is a sad reflection of our kind of politics.

We salute Gus for his uncompromising stand on crucial issues and decisions related to election automation. He may have been outvoted by his erstwhile colleagues, but his dissenting voice at least restrained the COMELEC from blindly adopting the previous technology used and has forced it to scrutinize the financial package and technical deficiencies.

The Black and White Movement stands by its former convener. Gus Lagman - we are proud of you.


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