Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ilabas ang Katotohanan


tom said...

Opo nakatutok kami sa Impeachment trial from Day 1, and we read commentaries about it.

I am just wondering why the B & W Movement has not mounted a consistent protest rally in front of the SC to force the resignation of SC Corona. How about on the anniversary of the People Power 1, on the 25th, what's your movement's plans.

I'm sure there will be tons of people who'd join protest actions against Corona if there'd be a well-conceived and executed series of rallies. Kulang po yata kayo sa ingay at pagpaparamdam sa taong bayan.

We are so sick of the defense delay tactics, and Enrile's way of blocking the truth.

Panahon pa para malaman nitong si Corona na ang mga ordinaryong taong tulad namin ay NASUSUKA NA SA KANYA at siya ang sagabal sa pag prosecute kay GMA.

Helga said...

Thanks for your comments and insights, Tom! We thought that coming out with an ad in several papers would reach a greater number of people. Nag ra-rally po kami, but sometimes it's good to use other ways to send a message.