Monday, January 23, 2012

BnW Decries Calls for Drilon to Inhibit

The Black and White Movement decries the near daily whining of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s defense team. The prosecution claims that it may take a couple of months for it to lay out all the evidence against CJ Corona – at the rate the defense keeps objecting, desperately trying to obfuscate the truth, it may take much, much longer.

The Corona defense team’s tack seems to deny, derail and delay, and it’s latest target is Senator Franklin Drilon. It claims that he is biased towards the prosecution because of the tenor of his questions and should therefore recuse himself. Really? Is getting to the truth on behalf of the people so distasteful?

Contrary to the defense’s opinion, the Black and White Movement believes that Senator Drilon, along with his fellow Senator Judges are just doing what they should be doing – making sure that everything hidden is brought to light. We believe that our Senator Judges are working on the people’s behalf. It is within their purview to ask probing questions, to clarify what is unclear, to make sure they, as judges, understand what both sides bring to the table.

We are against the inhibition of Senator Drilon, and any other Senator Judge, from this impeachment trial. For any of them to recuse themsleves would be a disservice to their office and a failure to keep the public’s interests above all others.

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