Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The brothers Arroyo, Mike and Iggy, must think we are all fools. Either that or lying must be so genetically ingrained in these brothers.

In an effort to save his elder brother from accountability yet again, Iggy Arroyo belatedly owns up to “leasing” five Robinson helicopters from LionAir’s Archibald Po and denies owning any of them. We have seen this before; this legal ploy by the Arroyos is not new. The first time was when Iggy admitted to being the notorious “Jose Pidal” to save his brother Mike from accusations of money laundering.

This tactic may have worked in their favor because Mike’s wife, Gloria Arroyo, was president at the time congress investigated the “Jose Pidal” scandal. However, under the dispensation of President Benigno S. Aquino III that is committed to eradicating corruption, and a new Ombudsman committed to fairness and accountability, this ruse will not work.

The Black & White Movement looks forward to learning that the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has done away with parliamentary courtesy and has summoned Iggy Arroyo to testify to the veracity of his new claims. We look forward to seeing Mike Arroyo appear at the senate hearings to defend himself. Both brothers are not only hiding behind medical reasons, they are hiding from the truth.

We have had enough of lies. We have enough of the “wang wang” mentality.

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