Thursday, February 03, 2011

Busina Sa Katotohanan - Alay kay Heidi, George and Sonny

Dear colleagues,

It's time we unfurl the old streamers! People need to express disgust on military top brass' corruption and plunder and the connivance of state prosecutors. More importantly, people need to express support for Heidi Mendoza and other whistle-blowers such as Col. George Rabusa and Col. Sonny Lim, who now, like Jun Lozada before them, are fearing for their and their families' lives for telling the truth.

We also need to sustain media attention on this until the guilty get punished and end the culture of impunity!

Busina sa Katotohanan invites you to a noise barrage at Gate 2.5 of Ateneo de Manila University along Katipunan Road, 5:00PM, tomorrow, Friday, 4 February. Please wear black or white and bring your placards, whistles, gongs, and friends!


Soc Banzuela
Co-convener, BnW/Busina sa Katotohanan

Busina sa Katotohanan was formed the day NBN-ZTE scandal whistle-blower Jun Lozada appeared on TV, surrounded by the religious community and fearing for his life, courageously told the truth. Some sixty people from PAKISAMA, PhilDHRRA, CODE-NGO, Akbayan, BnW and friends from Ateneo de Manila University immediately gathered at 5PM in front of Gate 2.5 of Ateneo de Manila U along Katipunan Ave. and the string of noise barrages began. The rest was history.

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