Friday, January 22, 2010

Manny Villar: Term Extension for Impunity

The Black & White Movement joins the public outcry over Manny Villar’s refusal to face investigation in the Senate. He has dangerously adopted identical tactics and arguments made by the GMA administration. He calls valid and necessary scrutiny of his official actions as mere political noise, when the issues raised involve fundamental questions over his fitness for public office.

Sen. Villar claims that he has been truthful, that he has indeed defended himself. In his own words via a radio interview, he says, “Subalit nasagot ko nang isa-isa iyan. Nasa internet na lahat iyan, may website tayo, dini-distribute ko lahat ng sagot namin dito sa C-5.” With all due respect, the internet was not the proper forum for a defense – the hearings were conducted in the Senate. Sen. Villar should have taken the stand and testified under oath. That is the least expected of a person who is running for the presidency of the Philippines.

A man who has posed as an oppositionist against GMA and her lying, cheating, and stealing has used the GMA playbook to evade accountability for his own acts.


Kuji said...

I only hope that my fellow filipinos will not be blindsided by Villar's far-fetched and outrageous promises of a "bright future" for the less fortunate.

Can't anyone see that hes just preying on the hopes and dreams of the people who can't support themselves financially and maybe even morally?

Claiming to be one of the "mahirap" or poor, he masquerades in TV shows, commercials and radio programs as a person who sympathizes with the true urban poor.

And those ADDS! Haven't we all seen enough of them? Well, I think its just plain desperation.
Its almost like brainwashing, repeating it again and again until it sticks to the back of your mind.
AND the adds don't even make sense, I mean if you trully listen to it.

The truth is staring you in the face.


Anonymous said...
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