Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jun Lozada Arrested

Jun Lozada was arrested today. Tonight, he sleeps in the Manila Police Distict, his family is not with him. He was processed, finger printed, a mug shot was taken. This is what this government does to whistle blowers, truth crusaders.

Those of us that were with him begged that he not be placed in general population, at least for tonight. Jun didn't ask us to do this, we just couldn't help ourselves. We got to stay with him till 10:30.

As if to add insult to injury, Jun's wife, Violet, will be arraigned on a case filed by the cops against her, also for perjury. This is surreal.

Tonight, Mike Defensor flies to San Francisco with his family for a vacation. Tomorrow, Mike Arroyo will go to St. Luke's for therapy, Romy Neri will ride his BMW7 series to work, Ben Abalos will play golf in Wack Wack, Joc Joc Bolante will meet his supporters regarding his run for public office, Garci will probably be doing the same.

Where is the justice in all this?


CJ said...

hay naku, yan lozada na yan, napaka self righteous, sya numero unong namumulitiko.
kala mo kung sinong banal. paiyak iyak pa, corrupt din sya
kung gusto nya mamatay at makulong lahat ng corrupt, mauna na sya

Anonymous said...

"Where is justice in all that?"

Maybe in the hands of Lorredo?

kaibigan said...

let me rephrase this quote..."for evil to succeed, good men must do nothing.
I see a much bigger issue of concern on what's goin on globally. Locally, the alledged righteous languishing in prison, the real bad guys out having the fun of their lives. Loss of morale values is in its record high. Perhaps poverty enhanced all that. People are losing faith and persistence in believing. No doubt, Evil is indeed winning and dominating. Human annihilation is rather inevitable I figure. To God be the glory and "patience"
WE are fighting for mankind's survival here. Before it's too late we must act. Prayer of the faithful and believers moves mountains.
Even posting this one ...i need to pray ...that it be successfully published...'ve been trying for nth time. God bless us all!...onward Christian Soldiers!!!