Wednesday, December 10, 2008

STOP Cha Cha!


bulokilong said...

Calling all Filipinos worldwide,

Participate in amending ONLINE
our constitution, amend the relevant provisions of our constitution.
Just click the link to the constitution and edit the constitution. We,
Filipinos have all the right to propose and make amendments by ourselves,
in due time we will present the amended document to our people for ratification.
We can not entrust the amendments, of this very vital document that will impact
not only the present generation but the future, to the politicians of all kinds
whether "trapo" or not. We, the working masses of Filipinos can and
must do it by ourselves.
Mangyaring matuto na po tayo sa ating kasaysayan. Kaya umpisahan na,
simulan na nating baguhin ang mga gusto nating mabago sa saligang batas na ito,
ipakalat at ipaalam sa lahat ang ginagawa nating ito. Imbitahan po natin ang ating
mga kaanak, kapatid at mga kaibigan na sumali sa pagbabagong ito. Ito po ay
para sa kabutihan nating lahat.

Link to the Latest Philippine Constitution:

cesar umali said...

1. What makes a good president for the Philippines
2. Integrity of the heart – he must have a high accountability and at the foremost to be a righteous leader, with high track record of excellence without blemish or reproach, and with reverend fear of God. Preferably a Christian with high moral principles in obedience to the word of God, seeking divine guidance in his decisions and actions. As no leader is immune to mistakes, he must be willing to accept his mistakes and say the buck stops here, but be flexible to learn from his mistake and bounce back the nation to normalcy. He must nor prevaricate or deceive people to believing lies and must be straightforward, honest and compassionate.He must not be above the Law and be able to execute the law without fear or favor. Example Abraham Lincoln or George Washington
3. Good example with exemplary traits for leadership – he must be able to guide, influence and motivate those under his command, with a high trait of humility, gentleness, and selfless love for his fellowmen without seeking for self aggrandizement, self enrichment and self praise. Must not be too young or too old to lead the nation, without need for on the job training because of his experience in governance and management, he will be able to bank from his long experience in governance to guide and lead the nation successfully. He must be physically fit without sickness or ill health, with a high grade of wisdom not necessarily the kind of intelligence which can deceive, but godly wisdom that spells the right way for the country in all his actions, speech and deed. Example Lee kuan yew
4. High motivation to succeed and achieve his goals – with a high sense for attainment and achievement, he must have the vision and mission to lead the country from poverty to abundance, from illiteracy to high fulfillment in education, from want to prosperity from crime to peace and order from lackadaisical performance to prominence in the world of defense, politics, finance and food abundance. Example Ronald Reagan

5. Father image for the nation – As the Philippines has no monarchy like Thailand or England to unite the nation, as it is regionally diverse in language, politics, religion, traditions and culture, we need a head of the nation with the image of a Father who can unite the nation to follow and obey the president in cases of emergency so that we lessen the squabble, politics, crime, disunity and disorder which have long been the prime reason that has delayed and deteriorated the quality of life in the country. Preferably he must be male, because the female gender not discriminating against, but the male is more stable in his ways, as the female always changes her mind, this causes confusion and dissent and disunity Example Mahatma Gandhi
6. Divine anointing – lastly he must be anointed by the Creator and Divine providence who guides and directs everything on earth. Without His consent, no sparrow falls and dies. In order for our nation to succeed, we need the guidance and wisdom from above and this is what the quality of our leadership needs
7. Cesar Santos Umali,MNSA class 32

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