Friday, February 15, 2008


There is a story going around about how Secretary Ermita was fuming mad at Mike Defensor. The budgeted hush money for a scandal of this scale was P5.0M. And so, the story goes, the envelop was passed from Ed to Mike. But as the money exchanged hands through the bureaucracy, only P50,000 reached the intended recipient – Jun Lozada.

This would be a rather amusing story were it not reflective of the pervasive culture of corruption that Lozada has vividly detailed. It is more than just dysfunctional. It is naked greed abetted by grave abuse of power.

Another facet of this regime’s evil persona is its human rights record, with hundreds of unresolved killings and disappearances. The public couldn’t care less. In their minds, the disappeared are just “communists”. But then, Lozada’s kidnapping drama brought to life an otherwise staid statistic of the disappearances and killings. The whole nation saw how the full force of the state’s resources was mobilized, first – to prevent Lozada from testifying, and later – to cover-up its criminal acts. Brazen and shameless, the snatching of Jun Lozada was carried out with Mafia-like impunity.

I will not belabor the point. By now, GMA apologists will find it untenable to claim that she is the lesser evil. Lozada’s kidnapping and revelation have shattered that myth.

As for the economy, what does it profit the ordinary citizen when the supposed economic gains being trumpeted by this regime are simply lining the pockets of the First Gentleman and his cronies in BILLIONS of pesos? No wonder people are complaining that they can hardly feel the 7% growth.

The Makati Business Club sees the writing on the wall, “this is the beginning of the end” for the Arroyo regime. The Catholic bishops are making a moral call, “this is a time for communal action.” Many other organizations, big and small, are coming out with statements – from support for Lozada, to calls for resignation, and organizing protest actions – from simple candle lighting to full-blown street actions. The momentum is irreversible.

We have suffered long enough from the consequences of our silence. The clarion call for our times is for every citizen to express his outrage in whatever form at every opportunity.

The Black and White Movement gives you three opportunities to register your protest:

1. Log on to our website – and register your name to declare your support for Jun Lozada.

2. Send this text “Sa Totoo Tayo” to +63915-3296830 to be counted. Please text this message to all of your friends and relatives:

Kung naniniwala kayo sa sinasabi ni Jun Lozada, text “Sa Totoo Tayo” to +63915-3296830. Visit for latest count and activities.

3. If you’re in Metro Manila, join us on Sunday, February 17, 2008, 10 AM at La Salle Greenhills for a Mass organized by President Cory Aquino and the La Salle brothers in support of Jun Lozada and his family.

The time to act is now. Sa Totoo Tayo. Now na!

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20x30 said...

the website is not working this AM. FYI

willowdan said...

I am for the truth, am with your purpose. I just made an online petition just now,

... though I am surprised merong biglang survey tayo now sa

Anyways, hopefully we can all usher change.

Many thanks,

Jaywalker said...

So that explains why julie Defensor went berserk with leah Navarro...... Well,it only shows that Greed & Corruption is like a jar of JalapeƱos. What you do today…………….. might burn your A$$ tomorrow.

IndioBravo said...

I hope this will be the start of protest actions to push into submission this "Liar" of a govt. we have.Sana we keep it up,sana whatever's left of the middle class will keep it up.May I suggest a massive sticker campaign to add to the ways we can express our disgust with GMA's govt.


Ernesto C del Castillo said...

I am Filipino Senior Citizen ( who witnessed "People Power" bring down 2 Presidencies. Sadly however, more people perceive hunger even more frequently nowadays. Hence,I have my doubts if another "People Power" would bring about our envisioned "Better Philippines".

To me, "Greed-for-Money" is an Ethical Problem which could not be resolved by a Political Solution - People Power.

Not long ago, the Korean People demonstrated to the World their "Love-of-Country" by gathering in the streets - not to change a government, but to give up their personal possessions, to save their Country's ruined economy.

Likewise, if the Filipino People are to go back to the streets, let it be to redeem our Country from the evil of "Greed-for-Money" - not to shame a Presidency. Changing Presidents (by People Power twice in the past) has not brought about our envisioned "Better Philippines".

Instead, let us all be one (calling upon all sectors of Philippine Society - Business, Church, Politicians,Citizenry) rallying to our Flag - for Love-of-Country. Let us all call for the PGMA-JDV "broken Political Coalition" to convert itself into a "Moral Crusade for Good Governance" by appealing to them to lead the Filipino Oligarchy in the giving-up of 90% of their respective Family's Private Wealth - and to donate the same to the National Treasury.

This (and only this) is our true deliverance from Evil.

pilot_nyog said...
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pilot_nyog said...

"MODERATE THE GREED".... is something new to our ears! new in a sense that GREED to people in government has been all over the corners of every government institutions.... try having a transaction with the government and what comes to your attention is the "S.O.P."..... ika nga, "sir, pang gasolina lang!", "pang snacks lang", "pampalamig lang", "bigat ng ballpen!" , "para mabilis ang usad po sir"... these are few things that you will hear from most people in the government. may it be the national or the local government. pumasok ka ng baranggay hall at pati dun maririnig mo mga ganung kataga! BUBUKOL NA TO!!! TAMA NA!!!

Bruce said...

This battle is not about personalities. It is not about who is the lesser of the evils. It is about the rule of law. GMA has been caught; she should be punished. She should be impeached or forced to resign.

I don't care who comes next. That is irrelevant. What matters here in the principle - if you are caught, you are punished. In due time, we will catch the next crook and he too will be punished. And then the next, and the next, and the next...for a thousand years and a thousand People Powers if need be. Afterall, they are all human beings, they are all flawed sinners. We human being will never be sinless. How can we expect our leaders to be? This is why democracy matters; it is easier to get rid of the crooks. Let's get rid of this one now, as we got rid of Erap, and then we will deal with the next one, as we will (hopefully) get rid of GMA.

No lesser of evils. It is not about the personalities. It is about the principle. It is about the rule of law. Ir you are caught, you go.

rod_alvarez said...

i'm an investor with but i'll be attending all rallies in Cebu if any.

Kabayan said...

More power ... people power to us all.

BTW, does anyone have the list of Congressmen and lackeys of Malacanang during the recent Feb 26 celebration? It would be good to know who are the fanatics surrounding Gloria during those times. And also the list of Congressmen accompanying her in foreign junkets?


buddy said...

yan si Razon ang other police officers were all products of Martial law just like honasan and lacson. Kung totoo nga na balak nila kidnapin si lozada, alam nila ang gagawin at talagang mawawala yan (without any trace) katulad ni Bentain, dacer ang corbito na hanggang wala pang nakakaalam ano ang nangyari.

Bren said...

Ang kaunti naman ng nagpunta sa rally. Wala pang dalawampung libo.