Monday, December 11, 2006


They blinked. After realizing that a great number of our people were angered by their show of arrogance and hubris, the House Majority is literally dancing the “cha-cha”. Like the seasoned grifters (con artists) that they are, the House Majority has once again tried to bamboozle the people into believing that they have abandoned their dreams of a Constituent Assembly without the Senate in exchange for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con). During their press conference, they shocked the nation by issuing a “challenge” to the Senate to reply within 72 hours or the House shall revert to Con-ass as usual.

What gall! Do they think we will meekly accept this “back step” and follow their lead? The Black and White Movement is not at all inclined to dance to this tune. We see right through their deception. They hope to pin the blame for all this trouble on a recalcitrant Senate but the truth is that they alone are truly responsible for the myriad missteps and miscalculations brought on by their greed for power, hope of No-El, and the dream for an end to term limits.

If the House Majority were so sincere in their claims of “accommodating” an irate republic, they would not have imposed conditions and should have abandoned their illegal Con-Ass dreams altogether. It is clear they do not have the people’s interests at heart.

“Rats on a sinking ship have no right to demand which side of the ship should sink first”, declares co-convenor Atty. Edwin Lacierda.

“To restore what’s left of their credibility, these Congressmen should apologize to the Filipino people for the wrongs they have committed against them and the valiant House Minority. They should return the House Rules to status quo and rethink their choice of leadership”, says co-convenor Leah Navarro, “They should explain why they found it so easy to trifle with our Constitution”.

Enteng Romano, Black & White Movement lead convenor says, “We call on our people to be vigilant and not be deceived by a House Majority that seeks to perpetuate itself in power. Together with our people, we will continue with our planned week long activities in the Batasan, and around the country, culminating in the inter-faith prayer rally at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta on Sunday, 17 December”. -- END

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Pardon this off topic post:

Malaya reports “Militant, lawyer shot dead in Sorsogon”

The report says:

A MEMBER of a militant peasant group and a lawyer of Bayan Muna party-list group were killed Monday afternoon and yesterday morning in Sorsogon.

Militants listed Cris Frivaldo, who was shot in Irosin, as the 793rd, and lawyer Gil Gojol, who was shot in Gubat, as 794th victims of political killings since President Arroyo assumed office in 2001.

To read the rest of the story:

It is deeply sickening to hear of the continuing killings and extremely saddening to think that these two killings occurred yesterday even while almost almost a thousand European and Filipno demonstrators from all walks of life calling for a Stop to the Killings in the Philippines were preparing to march and troop to the Philippine Embassy in Brussels braving the rain and the cold.

This government is despicable!