Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hurricane in the House

Typhoon "Reming" is not the only storm brewing on the horizon. A far more lethal storm is raging in the Batasang Pambansa, one with far more lasting, grievous consequences. Last night, the House majority tried to pull a fast one. They tried to fast track a change in the House Rules without following procedure to allow for a Constituent Assembly without the Senate. Although the House minority was able to delay this blatant disregard of rules, the majority has promised to wreak havoc on us this coming Tuesday.

Once more, the silence of our people has allowed these congressional cretins to hinge our political future on mere numbers. As we batten down the hatches of our homes, tape up our windows, buy necessities we cannot do without in the face of the coming typhoon, we should also think about the damage that will be wrought by a Charter Change that will do us no good. The transitory provisions prove only one thing - that Gloria Arroyo can only find safety from accountability through delay and obfuscation.

Along with the storm comes a stench. The terrible smell of fear reeks from the arses of Gloria and her Congressional cohorts. The fervent wish of Gloria and every one of her Batasan lackeys is not to have elections in May because they know the surveys are right - none of them is assured of a win should she endorse any of them or their family members in the coming elections. The national abhorrence and distrust of Gloria can only grow and insure her becoming a lame duck president, vulnerable to impeachment like never before.

And even if the surveys bear out the latter, no one seems interested enough to outwardly call her bluff. And when shall we do that? It may be too late once a Con-Ass stinks up the Batasan, too late when OFWs realize that the dollars they send home are no longer enough to keep their families happy, too late once those with something to hide use their guns to keep their secrets safe.

The answer to the question of who will replace Gloria is simple - we are the answer. Quit looking for leaders to be bestowed on us. We have been able to suspend our disbelief in the claim that the Filipino is spineless and gutless several times before. Don't fall for the excuse that we have been betrayed by our revolutions. We can begin another peaceful revolution through the elections. Fight for your right to send Gloria a clear message through your power to vote.



john marzan said...


mschumey07 said...

The Quezon tragedy, the Bicol tragedy and the biggest trgedy that we face now is the Cha-Cha tragedy.

manuelbuencamino said...

Is there still time for cha-cha?

Gloria is keeping up the cha-cha talk because she does not want the May elections to be a referendum on her.

She wants cha-cha to be the issue. It is not . She is the issue.

Let's elect our congress and throw her out through impeachment.

We can debate cha-cha once the scoundrels are gone.

So let's humor her until the last day of filing candidacies.
But after that, the entire campaign should focus on her.

Don't be fooled into a cha-cha debate once the campaign period starts. Focus on her. Please

Cha cha is not a black and white issue. There are pros and cons to it. But campaigning against Gloria is black and white, it's about right and wrong, good and bad.

Let's turn every campaign rally into a pritest rally against her with speexhes informing the whole country about who and wgat she's about.

Let's also make sure we win Manila so we can rally all the way up to the gates of Malacanan.