Saturday, July 22, 2006


Funny, quite a few people missed the sarcasm of Enteng's latest post. He received texts from friends exhorting him to continue the fight. He, along with everyone else in the Black & White Movement, is in this struggle for the long haul. Enteng wrote the letter with a large dose of sarcasm out of great frustration with deadly serious messages - if people weighing in on the current burning issues continue to keep to their "politically safe" and ambiguous messaging to gain support, they are actually supporting Gloria and aiding her in her plan to stay in office forever. Why? These people are easier to compromise and co-opt due to their refusal to call a spade a spade because to do so would take them out of their "comfort zone". Forget the need for transparency and accountability, the need for justice.

Anti Charter Change is a "safe" issue. It doesn't bother with the issues of legitimacy and electoral cheating, and is far removed from graft and corruption matters. The Impeachment is an "unsafe" issue - forget the people who wish to get at the truth through constitutional means, they're "not our class, dear", and even it some of the complainants are from "our" class, they'll never get to the truth anyway. Because if it fails, instead of spawning outrage within these groups, they'll just "move on".

And what is Gloria doing now? Gloria first tried bribing the bishops, thinking her largesse could keep them on the sidelines. Now that some of them have let the proverbial cat out of the bag by coming clean about the envelopes of money and MOAs promising food and meds, she includes them in the anti Gloria bag, calling them rebel coddlers and using her money to pay off people like the erstwhile jueteng witnesses to sing a song written by her henchmen. In answer, a few more bishops have signified their intent to sign the Impeachment Complaint, and the Ecumenical Bishops Forum (EBF) has thrown its support behind the embattled bishops.

She's currently trying to scare the business community into submission by "outing" a few as rebel supporters. Gloria and her henchmen have gone fishing, thinking thier muro-ami, "strike anywhere and you might get a few dead fish to surface" style will work.

Meanwhile, Esperon comes out swinging, saying he'll "batter" the opposition. Why? Because he's a part of all the lying, cheating, and stealing. He has to keep the dogs of truth at bay as well.

This woman will stop at nothing to keep herself safe from justice. Remember that saying. "first they came for the Jews. etc"? Well, they're coming after all of us now. Bishops, businessmen, well-meaning citizens, the military.

And what shall we do? Keep to the sidelines as our "kind" are carted off? For as long as it ain't "us", by all means! Ha!


Have you read the Inquirer yet? Fr. Advincula, the only Filipino priest in Beirut, along with outgoing Sentate President Drilon decry the lame efforts of the government regarding the stranded and frightened OFWs in Lebanon. It is clear that this administration really doesn't give two centavos for the millions of OFWs that are keeping this economy afloat. Want proof? Read the Tribune.

We are in real trouble when our economy depends on other economies to keep it alive through OFW remittances. We are in even more trouble when this regime concentrates on its survival and not the survival of our people. And we will get ourselves into deeper trouble if we do nothing about all that.

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john marzan said...

"Meanwhile, Esperon comes out swinging, saying he'll "batter" the opposition. Why?"

diversionary tactic. at least it keeps the gloriagate general busy.