Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hello Garci? Happy Anniversary!

Well, it's been a year. A year since the infamous "Garci Tapes" surfaced like black bile in the throat. A year since our country was thrown into a political maelstrom that continues to spiral like a flushing toilet.

But like feces floating in a clogged commode, Garci, Gloria and their ilk can't seem to rid themselves of the stink. The malodorous coverups hang in the air. In a year, they've tried all kinds of toilet paper strategies to cleanse themselves. Admittedly, some of their tactics have had some effect. "Let's move on", they say, frantically pouring in the Sosa (Cha Cha, Con-Ass, pork barrel, "I am sorry", Singaw ng Bayan). After a year of floating in detritus, the middle class remains apathetic, spraying themselves with perfume, seemingly unmindful. Is it because they're also sitting on the john?

But the marginalized, downtrodden masses that have been drowning in the excrement that this administration heaps on them by the ton, aren't as easily convinced - they're tired of being assaulted by the stench. Don't for a moment think that they're happy to be floating in it.

And what of us, the plumbers that hope to de-clog the toilet and send Glo and her kind down the drain? After a year, we continue to pour in the solvents, uncovering one foul scam after another. Do not think for a moment that we're tired, thinking of calling it a day and exiting the bathroom. We refuse to live in a home that stinks. We continue to do the dirty work, because a clean bathroom makes for a clean home. Well, doesn't it?


Jego said...

But the marginalized, downtrodden masses that have been drowning in the excrement that this administration heaps on them by the ton...

May I edit that to: But the marginalized, downtrodden masses that have neen drowning in the excrement that the elite heaps on them by the ton...

And 'the elite' here includes the middle class who fancy themselves as part of 'the elite.'

It's time for the elite to atone for their years of neglect. B&W is doing its part, but it seems to be spending an inordinate amount of energy on 'the administration'. The GMA administration is a by-product of the failure of the elite, as is the situation of the 'marginalized, downtrodden masses.'

Helga said...

Thanks, Jego, point well taken. Admittedly, BnW's advocacy has mainly been focused on the non-violent ouster of GMA. The advocacy has taken us everywhere, and at this time we are glad to have evolved into a movement with members running the gamut - elite to masa. There are those in the elite that remain blind, deaf and dumb. For as long as they remain that way, I personally think that no matter how much we try to get them to see, hear, and understand, they'll stay a lost cause.

Tet said...

While the "Hello Garci?" scandal provides the main stream of the excrement, there are pipes that continue to deliver more of the same.
I am concentrating on the unabashed manipulations of these elite on the whole sea transport system hoping that it can contribute to this effort of exposing this abuse.
At the North Harbor, their little railroad express there is careening to further increase the burden on the public just to keep their fifedoms going.

http://maritimewatchkeeper.ph is where I am trying to chronicle these things.

schumey said...

You've come a long way Enteng. I worked with you before at Altos. I was there only a few months before I resumed my studies. Kudos to you and B & W for standing up to a corrupt administration.