Friday, October 28, 2005

Letter to Vice President Noli de Castro

25 October 2005

Hon. Noli de Castro
Vice-President of the Philippines

Dear Vice-President de Castro:

We, the Black and White Movement, firmly believe, based on the revelations from the Garci tapes and the political developments that followed, that GMA cheated. It’s as clear as black and white to us, and to 80% of the Filipino people, according to recent surveys.

We also believe that in spite of the overwhelming consensus among our people that she cheated, many are reluctant to participate because of some key questions left unanswered. What is the alternative? Who will replace GMA? What post-GMA program do we offer?

We decided it was time to answer these hard questions.

Last Saturday, October 22, 2005, leaders of organized groups from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao gathered to build a consensus on our desired post-GMA leadership, immediate reform agenda, and action plans and programs to pursue our agenda.

After a full day of intense deliberations, we agreed on an 8-point reform agenda and the actionable points with this reform framework within the first 100 days. We also reached a consensus that you, as Vice-President, are the most viable and certainly capable successor to GMA. Like you, we are committed to adhere to the succession mode provided for in the Constitution.

It is in this spirit that we implore you to lead us in implementing our reform agenda. May we request a dialogue with you at your earliest convenience?

Respectfully yours,

Vicente Romano III
On behalf of the Convenors of Black and White Movement


Anonymous said...

I noted no visitors in your site, so to help out I will post a first comment, acutally a couple of questions.

1. Why are you called black & white
2. Did you guys quit your day jobs because of a tape? I sure hope not.

Helga said...

I normally wouldn't answer an anonymous post, but since you are our first visitor, you deserve a response and our thanks.
The Black n White we refer to isn't a good guys, bad guys thing as some folks think. Cheating is a moral issue - GMA either cheated or did not. There's no two ways about it. You can't cheat halfway.
Nope, we didn't quit our day jobs. Most of us don't even have time to blog. We're regular people, certainly not politicians, have no political or hidden agenda, we pay our taxes, and most of all, we love our country and hate what keeps happening to us.
We believe that sweeping these crises under a rug by ignoring them will cause us to trip up even worse, very soon. Doing nothing is the worse crime ever. complaining's even worse. Don't agonize. Organize.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice reply.

Anonymous said...

It seems that your group is just a minority-movings towards an absolute change in GMA leadership, though I do believed that GMA cheated in the last elections of 2004, which it seems shows a clear evidence & circumstances surrounding her political gain to presidency, I can see no better alternative than her. Despite of the anomalous deals that her government committed I'm sure that those variosu Anti-Arroyo Movement seems to be futile. GMA doesnt want to step down? what should we do now? NOLI does not want to break away with GMA?

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why:
1. The opposition didn't know that Miss Susan Roces could not be the heir of FPJ's protest.Either they knew or they simply don't want the protest to succeed.
2.The Garci tape was exposed after the allowable time to protest the election, why?, was it done on purpose by the opposition or the one who want to be in power?
3. I believe that GMA cheated, but were the opposition competent to stop it?. they were not. how can they be successful in governing if they are not competent to stop cheating and are not able to defeat gloria in legal battles..????

Anonymous said...

We the so called "bayani ng bayan" are very saddened about the turn of events that is hounding the Arroyo Administration. It is a fact that saddened and scares us everyday on what will be the next chapter of this political exercises looming in the annals of Philippine history. With the current crisis we still remain as an audience and waiting for the proper time as we consolidate all our pros and cons of this issue. From there the judgement of the people comes to arise of whom the victor will be. May it be GMA, the opposition, the military and who knows? ERAP? FVR? Its just a matter of time, and we strongly believe that whoever catches the seat of power will remain loyal to the people in which one should serve. For the people, by the people, of the people.



DonRamon said...

I suggest that a recount of Presidential votes be done alongside with the recount of the votes for the vice president which is now in process as a result of Ms. Legarda's petition at the PET.

I think your group should jumpstart the effort since it is your group who sincerely believes Mrs. Arroyo cheated.

goddess_of_the_chase said...

Anonymous, I agree with you. The opposition failed their legal battles in Congress against Gloria because of their own incompetence. They knew what they were up against but they failed to do their homework. The impeachment was a legal process and they ought to respect its results as members of Congress themselves. If they do not respect their own institution and its processes then they might as well resign.